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 CCW Badge
Little Bit of Protection For That Inadvertent Flash

  Conceal Carry Badge
I get a lot of requests for a CCW badge at the Gun Shows that I attend, so this gave me a chance to find out why you wanted to carry a badge.  Most of you said you belt carry and you wanted to wear the badge next to your gun so if your coat opens or the wind blows it open, the badge might put a bystander at ease.  You wanted a little extra measure of acceptance to offset the freak-out factor of the anti-gun and P.C. crowd.

I want you to get all the breaks you possibly can, but you need to realize that you cannot go around impersonating a police or security officer.  Use the badge to get that little extra measure of acceptance when you screw-up and don't button your jacket -- but, do not ever flash the badge or use it to identify yourself as anything other than Joe Citizen.

CCW Badge is gold plated with a Perma-Shine finish, California Eagle Style with single pin on back closed by a safety catch.  Badge reads "Concealed Weapons Permit" with the Justice shield in center of badge.  BADGE IN PHOTO ABOVE SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL BELT HOLDER (belt holder shown below)

In addition to the top quality CCW Badge we also offer a leather belt holder for the badge at the bottom of CCW Badge Page in the Online Store (under "Related Items").  This is a Professional Badge Holder made for belt carry for the CCW Badge and probably is the same belt holder your local police use everyday.  If you want the Badge Holder only, the Online Store Page for the Badge Holder is HERE.




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