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 Ross M22SC T.E.S.S. Crossdraw
Belt Style Crossdraw Leather Holster


T.E.S.S. means Totally Excellent Side Scabbard, or, Theresa is Excellent and So Sassy.  Any-hoo, Theresa never thought we would name a holster after her so we had to wait till just the right holster model came along.  Something unique, something special, something a little sassy but something that always gets the job done.  Introducing the Ross Leather M22SC T.E.S.S. Crossdraw Belt Holster.  The M22SC T.E.S.S. Crossdraw gets it's base design from the M3L Sedona holster, with the simple, but totally functional, flap-over belt tunnel.  The belt tunnel is nice and long for more contact with the belt so the M22SC will stay exactly where you put it.  The belt tunnel is designed to be tight in order to hold the M22SC exactly where you place it.

Note that the M22SC T.E.S.S. Crossdraw sits with the back of the trigger guard almost even with the top of the belt -- this design keeps the holster high so it won't peek-out under a short shirt or jacket.  Also note the cut-out at the bottom of the trigger guard which allows for a full combat grip.

The reverse cant allows a full combat grip even if you place the holster back under your arm.  The M22SC T.E.S.S. Crossdraw is NOT suede-lined and is available Black or Tan, Right or Left, and Plain Finish only.

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