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 Ross M52 Double Mag Buddy
Belt Slide Leather Mag Carrier

  The Ross Leather #M52 Double Mag Buddy is a double mag belt carrier for 2 spare carry magazines.  All leather construction with strong metal hardware ensures safe carry for your spare mags.

The M52 Double Mag Buddy has adjustment screws to vary the holding pressure of the mag holder against the magazines.  Also, the belt loop has two closing snaps at the top so you can put the M52 mag carrier on you belt without having to remove the belt from your pants.

Spare magazines are usually carried by CCW's to clear a jam or handgun problem quickly, rather than being prepared for an extended fire fight.  All leather construction with a stitched-closed belt loop on the back ensures safe carry for your spare mag.

Mag carriers provide two functions for the CCW, they keep the spare magazine out of your pockets, and they keep the magazine bullet forward so you can draw the mag and index it with your first finger.  When you index the front of the mag or the tip of the bullet with your index finger you can reload your handgun in a snap.

Ross mag carriers are sized for the following calibers:
.22/.32 Single Stack Mags
.380  Single Stack Mags
9mm Single Stack
.45 Single Stack Mags
9mm/40/357 Double Stack Mags
10mm/45 Double Stack Mags







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